Meet the University Campus Coordinators

Each university has a campus coordinator who provides leadership to each cohort of Principal Fellows on the campus. Campus coordinators provide mentoring, and coordinate a variety of experiences for the Fellows including enrichment activities such as seminars and workshops and site visits to school districts, businesses and educational organizations, and supervise the internship which occurs in the second year. The coordinator works closely with Fellows to ensure they have a successful experience in the program.

Dr. David Hostetler                                      Dr. Heidi Von Dohler                         Appalachian State University                 Western Carolina University


Dr. Debra Morris                                            Dr. Paris Jones                            UNC-Charlotte                                                Fayetteville State University


Dr. Martinette Horner                                Dr. Brian Clarida                      UNC-Chapel Hill                                             UNC-Greensboro


Dr. Lakisha Rice                                               Dr. Kerry Robinson                     NC Central University                                UNC-Wilmington


Dr. Alisa Taliafero                                          Dr. Karen Jones                       North Carolina A&T                                    East Carolina University


Dr. Fran Riddick                                                                                                                      North Carolina State University