2026-32 RFP Available Monday, July 15 2024

On behalf of the North Carolina Principal Fellows Program Commission, we are excited to release the new Request for Proposals.  Please pay particular attention to Section 1.3 – Key Dates and Review Process – to ensure deadlines are met.  Additional documents (e.g., budget tables,  example letters) located in the Attachments section of the RFP are included as word documents so you do not have to recreate them and can enter information electronically.

How can I "apply" for the NC Principal Fellows Program?

The process of becoming a NC Principal Fellow is collaborative and involves your school principal, district leadership (Human Resources and Superintendent) and grant-funded University Programs.

No application from our state office exists.  Each academic year, grant-funded University Programs will work with their partnering school districts to determine the number of aspiring leaders they have "on the bench" and ready to enroll in a cohort.  As partners, they manage a rigorous selection process used to ensure the highest caliber participants are accepted.

NC Principal Fellows Commission Meetings Scheduled for 2024-25

The North Carolina Principal Fellows Program Commission meets regularly to discuss various aspects of the program.  The fifteen-member governing body represents various educational and business areas, and are appointed to serve four year terms.


Producing Exemplary School Leaders for 30 Years

The North Carolina Principal Fellows Program, launched in 1993, was a scholarship program that provides funding to exemplary educators who aspired to begin a career in school administration.  For twenty six years, scholarship funds (in the amount of ~$3.2 million) were awarded.  The Transforming Principal Preparation Program, developed in 2016, was a competitive state grant ($4 million) which required NC university programs to apply through a Request for Proposal process in order to receive funding.  These grant awards were provided to university programs and not directly to students.

In 2020, the consolidation of the NCPFP and TP3 began, keeping the best aspects of each program.  The full merger of these programs has been complete since 2021.

To read more about about the TP3 and Principal Fellows Program consolidation, click here.  You can also find more information on the Principal Preparation Program by visiting BEST NC.


NC schools with higher poverty and lower academic performance lose principals at an alarming rate. We're closing the gap!