The North Carolina Principal Fellows and TP3 Commission Meeting took place on April 14. To request a copy of the meeting minutes, email alstewart@northcarolina.edu

The North Carolina Principal Fellows Program:

The History and Vision

The North Carolina Principal Fellows Program, launched in 1993, is a scholarship program that provides funding to exemplary educators who aspire to begin a career in school administration.  For twenty six years, scholarship funds (in the amount of ~$3.2 million) have been awarded.  The Transforming Principal Preparation Program is a competitive state grant ($4 million) which requires NC university programs to apply through a Request for Proposal process in order to receive funding.  Again, this is a grant awarded to university programs and not a scholarship awarded directly to students. 

To read more about about the TP3 and Principal Fellows Program consolidation, click here.  You can also find more information on the Principal Preparation Program by visiting BEST NC.


The North Carolina Principal Fellows Program has been producing exemplary school leaders since its inception in 1993. Below are testimonials about the quality of the Principal Fellows Program, and how it is impacting schools across the state.