NCPFP & TP3 Merger

Current Grant-funded Programs

The following universities are participating in this fully-funded principal preparation model:

  • Appalachian State University (2022-2028 Grant Cycle)
  • Central Carolina Regional Education Service Alliance/North Carolina Central University (2020-2026 Grant Cycle)
  • East Carolina University (2020-2026 and 2022-2028 Grant Cycles)
  • North Carolina State University (2020-2026, and 2022-2028 Grant Cycles)
  • The University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill (2022-2028 Grant Cycle)
  • The University of North Carolina at Charlotte (2020-2026 Grant Cycle)
  • The University of North Carolina at Greensboro (2022-2028 Grant Cycle)
  • Western Carolina University (2022-2028 Grant Cycle)




Interested in becoming a North Carolina Principal Fellow?  Here are a few important considerations:

  1. Be sure your school principal knows — they are your strongest advocate.  Work together to ensure district-level leadership such as Human Resource Directors and your Superintendent know your intent to become a school leader.
  2. Applying and being accepted to this new model will also require your District Superintendent’s approval.  When strong district partnerships exist, the likelihood of securing an assistant principal position is much greater.
  3. Your acceptance to the program is still contingent on meeting the application requirements for the University's Graduate School Program.
  4. If accepted into one of the participating University Programs, you will not be on a leave of absence both years (for most programs). Instead, you will take courses while remaining in the classroom during your first year. You will be on a leave of absence the second year and receive a salary equivalent to your current teaching salary if more than that of a first-year assistant principal ($46,410).  Our Commission is dedicated to ensuring you continue to receive health benefits (provided by your school district) and local supplement (provided by the grant-funded University Program).

For additional information or general queries, email Dr. Tony Stewart at