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North Carolina Principal Fellows Program

“Strong Leaders, Strong Schools.”

December 2018

Covey, S. (2006). Self Trust and the Four Cores of Credibility.

Leading at the Speed of Trust

“Be HONEST. Tell the TRUTH. Let people know where you stand. Use simple language. Call things what they are. Demonstrate integrity. Don’t manipulate people or distort facts. Don’t spin the truth. Don’t leave false impressions. “

Covey’s description of Talk Straight seems very simple. Are we practicing these words daily? In order to create a culture of coaching, we have to establish trust and then model a structure of authentic feedback.

An Interesting Read

The Principles of Change

For Class 25, you should recall the references to Couros during your work with Growth Mindset. For Class 24, you may be able to relate this article to the discussion on personalized learning.

Poverty, Family Formation, and the Future of Family Education Reform

As we travel the hallways, how often do you truly “speak” to the students? Do you really know their stories? This article puts a name and face to those who are struggling.

Upcoming Resources/Agendas

Class 24 January 10, 2019 AGENDA

Class 25 January 10-11, 2019 AGENDA


You are probably already familiar with the NC Executive Standards, but are you also aware of the 21  Competencies found within this evaluation tool? Make sure you are aware of the competencies of an effective leader. LINK

  • Communication
  • Change Management
  • Conflict Management
  • Creative Thinking
  • Customer Focus
  • Delegation
  • Dialogue/Inquiry
  • Emotional Intelligence
  • Environmental Awareness
  • Global Perspective
  • Judgment
  • Organizational Ability
  • Personal Ethics and Values
  • Personal Responsibility for Performance
  • Responsiveness
  • Results Orientation
  • Sensitivity
  • Systems Thinking
  • Technology
  • Time Management
  • Visionary

PF Communication

This December edition is the third PF newsletter. Have you considered a communication platform when you become the principal of a school? Newsletters may be archaic and not appealing to the digital natives; however, keep in mind that not all of your educators are as technologically savvy as others. Select a weekly communication platform and be CONSISTENT in sending it out! Consider adding an anonymous link to a spreadsheet for those with concerns. You must create a way for people to “vent,” or they will do it openly in the hallways when frustrated. The “venting” section topics can be addressed by you in the following newsletter. This is one way to make sure that everyone has a voice and is HEARD.

From the Director’s Desk

We have had several awesome seminars since our last newsletter!! In October, Class 24 worked through data and the school improvement process while Class 25 visited a Ropes Course and returned to the classroom for a session on the Speed of Trust! In November, the PF classes had two enriching seminars scheduled. Class 24 completed the TregoED Decision Making process and then learned more about the NC Digital Competencies and Personalized Learning. They also discussed how to leverage the business community. Class 25 participated in Leadership Blueprint and learned about Emotional Intelligence and Growth Mindset. As we continue our PF leadership pathways, remember that Class 24 is working to fill the lead learner toolbox and Class 25 is focusing on Self. Thanks for working to become the types of leaders we need in our schools!

Dr. Eddie Price


January Enriching Activities

Class 24 was scheduled for a session on EVAAS Data by SAS. Due to a conflict in scheduling, we will cancel this session. I have replaced this session with a Leading With the Speed of Trust seminar based on the work of Covey. This seminar will be held in the BB&T Room of the Friday Institute. The only available date for this session is January 10. I know this is a change from January 9, but I hope that you can make the new date work within your schedule.

Class 25 is scheduled for a two-day session regarding cultural competency. REI will facilitate a Racial Equity Workshop Phase I on January 10-11 at the Park Alumni Center PENC Room. Please complete the lodging spreadsheet so that I will be able to reserve rooms.

The Principal Fellows Toolkit

During inclement weather, there exists much anxiety on the parts of the decision-makers. Typically, the “call” to close or delay school is met with mixed emotions. Most parents appreciate the consideration of safety, but many others have a number of other factors to consider: no childcare option, no ability to take off work, not enough food at home, etc. In my last principalship one hundred years ago, the building was full of TALENT. In the VIDEO, we were facing a number of days away from school due to snow. Several teachers came up with a unique way to “soften” the blow of a disrupted school schedule. There are many other examples that allow for educators to appear human. Keep a list of these examples because you may be using them one day to deliver “the message”.

Principal Fellows In the News

PF Class 25 learned to trust one another at the Ropes Course – and they learned that Dr. Price is afraid of heights! We finished the day in the classroom discussing Covey’s Speed of Trust.


Class 24 completed the second day of TregoED Decision Making. There were some great ideas generated by this group!


Class 25 discussing the difference between growth and proficiency

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