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North Carolina Principal Fellows Program

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October 2018

Covey, S. (2006). Self Trust and the Four Cores of Credibility.

Leading at the Speed of Trust

Franklin Covey’s 4 cores of credibility can be divided into two sections: character (integrity & intent) and competence (capabilities and results).

INTENT is your fundamental motive and agenda and behavior that follows:

  • Motive – The motive that inspires the greatest trust is genuine caring – about people, your values, the quality of what you do.
  • Agenda – The agenda that inspires the greatest trust is seeking mutual benefit – genuinely wanting what’s best for everyone involved.
  • Behavior – The behavior that best creates credibility is acting in the best interests of everyone.

An Interesting Read

Administrators Can Make or Break School Culture. What type of leader are you or what type do you aspire to be? For Class 24, think about the power of the decision-making protocol that you discussed in September as it applies to school culture. For Class 25, think about the Speed of Trust (after we discuss it at the next seminar) and how it applies to establishing a positive school culture. Establishing a positive school culture is paramount in creating a healthy, successful, and effective school.

Upcoming Resources/Agendas

Class 24 October 17, 2018 AGENDA

Class 25 October 19, 2018 AGENDA


When experiencing major weather events and we reach out to our broader communities – students and parents – this behavior shows genuine care. As an administrator, you obviously cannot contact every student, but you can organize teams of educators who can reach out to all students and/or parents enrolled in your school. The school is often a haven for students, so use your leverage to make sure that each family is safe.

The School Superintendents Association (AASA) is sponsoring a Leaders Matter campaign to showcase school districts where the exemplary leadership of the superintendent has resulted in meaningful, measurable outcomes for the schools, students, and communities they serve. Your district can win $5,000! To learn more about this campaign, reference the following LINK.

The stipend details will not be decided until after the October 30 Commission meeting. If you recall, I am working to assist all but more importantly, to make the travel more equitable through reimbursement. I will not know the outcome to this until we meet in November, but your lunch will be provided this month as it was at the September seminar.

Do not forget to respond to the google document that I shared regarding the Flip Flippen presentation scheduled for October 24. This is completely voluntary, but I do need a “headcount.”

PF Communication

This October edition is the second PF newsletter. Have you considered a communication platform when you become the principal of a school? Newsletters may be archaic and not appealing to the digital natives; however, keep in mind that not all of your educators are as technologically savvy as others. Select a weekly communication platform and be CONSISTENT in sending it out!

From the Director’s Desk

We had two engaging seminars in September! Class 24 started the TregoEd Decision Making strategic thinking process. So often in my career, I struggled to find a way to give all members a voice and to remove some of the emotion from the intense meetings. Educators are by nature VERY passionate! With the TregoED processes, we ”slow down to speed up.” Class 25 visited the Innovation Academy in Johnston County. There, we not only engaged in discourse about the restorative philosophy but also watched a student mock “circle process.” As we continue our PF leadership pathways, remember that Class 24 is working to fill the lead learner toolbox and Class 25 is focusing on Self. Thanks for working to become the types of leaders we need in our schools!

Dr. Eddie Price


October Enriching Activities

Class 24 is scheduled for a session on Formative and Summative Data as Related to the School Improvement Process” on October 17 at the Friday Institute for Educational innovation.

Class 25 is scheduled for a day of “Finding Trust.” As I mentioned in a recent email, we will meet October 19 at the NCSU Ropes Course – Schenck Forest. Unfortunately, they will not start later than 8:00. They have to cycle through several groups so I know it is an issue for those of you who are traveling. I do not think we will have an early start for other one-day seminars.

In a recent email I sent, I included a participation agreement form that must be completed for you to use the ropes course. Make sure to complete the form! Also found in the email, I included important instructions for the second part of our day – Leading at the Speed of Trust. You must follow those directions to create a personal profile. If you have not sent that survey to colleagues, DO SO NOW!

The Principal Fellows Website

The University System IT Department communicated with the NCSU Communications Department last week about the migration of the information on the website. Hopefully, we will have the website issues resolved very soon. Currently, the site is still on the server at the UNC System’s office, but we are running a live application process at this time. If you are aware of anyone considering the PFP, let him/her know that the application process is now available. If you do not know of anyone interested in the PFP – recruit someone!!

Principal Evaluation News

North Carolina’s Professional Educator Preparation and Standards Commission (PEPSC) has formed the Principal Standards Committee to examine the current North Carolina Standards for School Executives to determine whether and how these standards may need to be updated to reflect a rapidly changing environment and new national school leader standards (i.e., the Professional Standards for Educational Leaders 2015, PSEL). This committee is co-chaired by Dr. Shirley Prince, Executive Director of NCPAPA, and Principal Meaghan Loftus, Principal of Ashley Park PK-8 School in Charlotte and a PEPSC member. Representatives from higher education, school districts, Principal Fellows, and the Department of Public Instruction also comprise this committee.

I will be attending the committee meeting October 22, 2018 at the DPI State Board Room.

Principal Fellows In the News

PF Class 24 member, LaTonya Adams, wears a smile while serving bus duty! Although bus duty is often considered stressful and insignificant, it can be just the opposite. As LaTonya illustrates in the picture, a warm smile for arriving or departing students can make a huge impact on their attitudes and demeanor. Let’s make an effort to show people that we care!

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