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North Carolina Principal Fellows Program

“Strong Leaders, Strong Schools.”

September 2018

Covey, S. (2006). Self Trust and the Four Cores of Credibility.

For the next several months, the newsletter will focus on Covey’s research around TRUST. Class 25 will have the opportunity to participate in an enriching activity around the concept of trust. This activity will take us from an outside ropes course into the classroom to learn more about the research behind Covey’s “leading at the speed of trust.”

Leading at the Speed of Trust

Franklin Covey’s 4 cores of credibility can be divided into two sections: character (integrity & intent) and competence (capabilities and results)

INTEGRITY is deep honesty and truthfulness. It’s who we really are, and it includes the following:

Congruence – to live in harmony with your deepest values and beliefs. You walk your talk.

Humility – to stand firmly for principles, especially in the face of opposition. You are more concerned with what is right than being right.

Courage – to act according to principles. You do the right thing – especially when it’s hard to do.

An Interesting Read

Balance: Couros is talking about teachers helping students to determine strengths in the journey to become who they are. As an administrator, you can certainly help your teachers accomplish this learning through group discourse; however, how can you do the same for your teachers as adult learners?

Upcoming Resources/Agendas

Class 24 September 26, 2018 AGENDA

Class 25 September 28, 2018 AGENDA

NCSEAA Presentation


Our state recently experienced the wrath of Hurricane Florence. Some parts of the state suffered far worse than others, but I think all of us have been anxious over the health and well-being of family and friends. As we recover from this storm, please feel free to send me an email of needs so that I can distribute it among the Principal Fellows Family. We can work together to bring some normalcy back to our lives. As future administrators, we must also realize that many of the adults and students who return to our building have lost property and possibly loved ones. We must create a social and emotional learning support system for our employees and especially our students. If you are in an area of great damage, communicate with me your situation as we near the first seminar. Some may not have electricity for three weeks, so please communicate the situation to me prior to the seminar date.Thank you for what you are doing each and every day.

PF Communication

I have communicated via emails thus far. I plan to place the newsletters on the website after emailing them. I am using the email addresses provided to me by the former director. I plan to send a text as well so that you can update incorrect email addresses. I will also activate the Twitter account as soon as the program is completely transitioned from the UNC System’s Office to NCSU.


I would like to take the opportunity to welcome Waverly Logan to the PF Team! Waverly will be serving as the PF Graduate Assistant this year while enrolled in the Masters of Educational Psychology program. Waverly is interested in the impact of non-traditional learning environments on student success. Her hobbies include music, dancing, anything outdoors, and trying new foods! If you wish to contact Waverly regarding the PFP –

From the Director’s Desk

This year, the enriching activities for each class will differ in objective. The activities for Class 24 will focus on Tools for the Lead Learner. For Class 25, the activities will work to help assess “self” while establishing a growth mindset. During the summer, you were provided with a seminar calendar. As I have been assessing the program, I have determined that we need to create a more thematic and robust approach to the seminars. I want to make each seminar worht the absence from either your class or your internship. For this reason, I have made some minor adjustments to the calendar. With the justification of trying to better prepare you for the profession, I hope you embrace these changes. If you have conflicts with the changes, please communicate with me individually. The calendar appears at the top of the newsletter along with other important information links.

Dr. Eddie Price


September Enriching Activities

The disposition training provided to Class 25 is grounded in the understanding of Emotional Intelligence. PF Class 24 is scheduled to participate in part one of TregoED’s strategic thinking processes on September 26 at the Friday Institute for Educational Innovation. This decision making protocol and situation analysis work to give a voice to all involved in the decision making process. More importantly, this protocol helps to remove the emotions that are generated when a decision is made by a passionate group.

Class 25 will begin the day hearing from the NCSEAA, North Carolina Education Authority, about the loan scholarship payment portion of the Principal Fellows Program before moving on to participate in a session that not only defines restorative discipline but also illustrates this mindset through application. Following this presentation, Kelley Johnson, principal of the Johnston County Public Schools Innovation Academy, will discuss restorative discipline and then give a tour of the building so that the Principal Fellows can see it in action! This September 28 seminar will conclude with a panel of former PF talking about their journey as a former fellow and now exemplary educator!

Currently, I am working on a plan to account for seminar lunches and travel, but this has not been finalized at this time. For now, plan to bring or purchase lunch for the first session. If this changes, I will notify you in advance. Class 25 will see a couple of overnight stays – this cost will be taken care of through the PFP.

The Principal Fellows Website

As many of you already know, the Principal Fellows Program transitioned this summer from UNC General Admissions to North Carolina State University. As with any other transition, we have experienced some issues that we collectively are resolving. Most noticeable has been the PFP website. On occasions, it has been inactive. As we transition the website over to NCSU, please realize that interruptions in service may occur.

Principal Evaluation News

North Carolina’s Professional Educator Preparation and Standards Commission (PEPSC) has formed the Principal Standards Committee to examine the current North Carolina Standards for School Executives to determine whether and how these standards may need to be updated to reflect a rapidly changing environment and new national school leader standards (i.e., the Professional Standards for Educational Leaders 2015, PSEL). This committee is co-chaired by Dr. Shirley Prince, Executive Director of NCPAPA, and Principal Meaghan Loftus, Principal of Ashley Park PK-8 School in Charlotte and a PEPSC member. Representatives from higher education, school districts, Principal Fellows, and the Department of Public Instruction also comprise this committee.

Principal Fellows In the News…

PF Class 23 member, Marisa White, prepares for a start to the new year at North Johnston Middle School. Sometimes administration must do the “behind the scenes” work as well as make decisions about teaching and learning!


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