Principal Fellow, Randy Meisenhelder (Class 26)

Principal Fellow, Randy Meisenhelder (Class 26)Principal Fellow, Randy Meisenhelder (Class 26) has gained a better understanding when it comes to the importance of building quality relationships with students and families, especially due to inequities in our students’ realities.  Added hardships like this pandemic not only highlight these inequities, they exacerbate them. I am using the unexpected quarantine as an opportunity to grow, so I can better meet the needs of the students, families, and staff I will serve in the future. Currently, I am honing my skills by learning Spanish, reading “The Way of the SEAL” and Harvard Business Review leadership articles, and listening to podcasts such as “Unbeatable Mind” and “Principal Matters.”

My internship experience will be different because of the social emotional components related to recovering from trauma and varying difficulties surrounding the shutdown. I will serve as an intern at a middle school next year. The staff will need to be mindful of navigating the difficult social situations and isolation that have occurred during the quarantine period. We must also be mindful that students exposed to traumatic situations where they live have not had the school as a safe escape.

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